[Michlib-l] Videos featuring the PDL and business being released on MeL Business Portal today

Nicolette Sosulski NSosulski at portagelibrary.info
Mon Jul 18 17:29:59 EDT 2016

Hi there, all!

Today MeL is launching its new business portal at http://business.mel.org .

It contains 4 promotional videos, which are appearing on social media

There is one on business resources from MeL
And another on how libraries help business patrons
And one on business support organizations in MI
And last, but not least, some business patrons talking about the difference all of these have made.

I have been asked for a sheet of webinars and tutorials on the products mentioned, especially Demographics Now and Business Decision.
First, here is a video for Business Decision

There is also a guide to Business Decision attached, as well as a white paper, if you are interested, in market segmentation in libraries.

Here are two links to online tutorials for DemoNow

Here is a link to the webinars for DemoNow and other Gale products. Small Business Resource Center and Business Insights, Global are mentioned in the videos released today, but DemoNow gets most mention in them.


There is also a handout on Demographics Now: Generating Sales Leads Lists.

PDFs are attached.

Hope this helps!

Nicolette Warisse Sosulski, MLIS
Business and Reference Librarian
Portage District Library
nsosulski at portagelibrary.info<mailto:nsosulski at portagelibrary.info>
269 585 8714
269 873 3397 (cell)

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