[Michlib-l] MCLS deadline to register for Copy cataloging of digital resources using RDA

Suzanne Robinson robinsons at mcls.org
Mon Feb 29 12:36:16 EST 2016

Wide distribution - please share with anyone who might be interested in this training opportunity.

March 4, Friday, at noon, is the deadline to register for "Copy cataloging of digital resources using RDA."

Here is your chance to work with RDA (Resource Description and Access) as applied to the copy cataloging of digital resources. This hands-on workshop teaches participants how to catalog digital resources using such tools as the RDA toolkit, and the Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements. All forms of digital resources, virtual materials, such as websites, eBooks, eSerials and downloadable audio books, music and video files, as well as physical media, such as video games, CD-ROMs and other computer disks will be addressed. The class will address copy cataloging in the MARC format.

This is a 3-day class March 8-10, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm EST.

Click here to register:

Please direct any questions to training at mcls.org<mailto:training at mcls.org>.

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