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Help. A young woman I know is looking for a book that she remembers from
Kindergarten. This would have been late 80s-early 90s.

She told me that it was about a boy who got a star-shaped sticker that he
put on his forehead and it left a white spot when he got a tan.

I have been searching online and have found the following descriptions from
others searching for the same book. No results were posted where I found


*I don't remember the title or author, but it was a children's book,
probably from the 60's, about a boy who received a star sticker from his
teacher.  The star was placed on his forehead, and he was so proud of it
that he wouldn't wash his face for fear that the star would come off.  His
face got dirtier and dirtier until somehow the sticker fell off or was
removed, and then there was a white star shaped spot on his forehead where
the sticker had been, surrounded by the dirty skin. *unknown, Weekly
Reader, 1965 or 1966.  I remember reading this story when I was in 1st or
2nd grade.  I recall that it was in a Weekly Reader magazine.  The young
boy won the gold star because he had been able to count to 100, had been
able to say the alphabet from A to Z, and had been able to name the seven
basic colors.  I hope this helps to narrow the search a little bit.

Does anyone know what book this might be? Thank you, all.


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