[Michlib-l] Anoterh question for those 'single municipality' libraries

Sylvia Merz lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org
Fri Feb 12 13:08:03 EST 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

My question is for those libraries who are PA 164 libraries, not district
libraries, or other single municipality libraries.

Are library employees covered as employees of your municipality (e.g.
Township), or is the Library the employer of record?

Thanks again.  I do SO appreciate those who take the time to help me as we
move through this re-organization process here in Leland.  

Sylvia Merz, Director 

Leland Township Library     

203 E. Cedar St., P.O. Box 736     

Leland, MI 49654-0736

PH: 231-256-9152     FAX: 231-256-8847

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday - 10 to 5     Wednesday-10 to 6
Saturday-10 to 2


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