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Marsh, Nyama N.Marsh at wfblibrary.org
Thu Feb 11 11:12:57 EST 2016

Hello Everyone,

My library is currently doing a comprehensive weed in preparation for a conversion to RFID tags. As we get closer to the actual conversion process we are starting to plan, but really have no info from others yet about what process other libraries have used. If you can offer assistance, it will be greatly appreciated. Fyi, we will use 2 3M/Bibliotheca conversion stations.

We are envisioning

1.    We have 80,000 physical items. We plan to have 2 carts for 1 month each (at $500/mo/cart we want to move quickly/efficiently, yet accurately.

a.    1 cart in Adults; 1 cart in Children's.

2.    Teams of 2, using the cart as they go through the aisles. Pull, tag, scan, reshelve. Repeat.

3.    Start at 000 and go straight through to 999. Then A-Z. Then A/V and magazines.

4.    Keep a list that is updated with each shift as to what is done.

a.    To try to capture the out items that are in the ranges as we are doing them.

b.    So once the 010s are completed, as checked out items in that range come in they are set aside for tagging.

c.    This is the step that causes the most angst about doing it "right."


5.    Trying to figure out an average per hour rate, to calculate how many hours/people are needed and then develop a schedule.

6.    In your experience, how many items per hour, on average, was your team able to convert?

7.    How many items total did your library convert and how many hours/days did it take?

8.    Did you utilize trained staff, volunteers or both? How many total?

9.    Did you do the tagging in pairs and how many hours did they work at a time. I figure no one wants to tag for more than 4 hours at once. Is 1 or 2 hours a better max, or are people able to handle 3-4 hours? I figure it's like shelf-reading, a brain can handle repetitive tasks for only so long...

10. What unknown do I not know to ask about?

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Nyama Y. Marsh
Library Director
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414-755-6551 (direct line)

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