[Michlib-l] Federal forms--- Any Extras?

Jaema Berman jberman at tln.lib.mi.us
Tue Feb 9 17:06:10 EST 2016

Yes, Addison Twp. Library, Addi-43, could use a few 1040s and 1040 EZ with Instructions if you can spare a stack.  I contacted the IRS and was told they will not open new accounts for libraries that are not receiving tax forms. Many thanks! 
Jaema Berman
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Hello all;
We have not received Federal forms in years, but I hear some of you are.
Anyway of anyone sharing a couple with me.

Sandy Johnson
Howe Memorial Library
128 E. Saginaw St.
Breckenridge, Mi. 48615

Jaema Berman
Addison Twp. Public Library
1400 Rochester Rd.
Leonard, MI 48367
Phone: 248-628-7180
Fax: 248-628-6109

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