[Michlib-l] Tax Capture Bills Pass House Now Back to Senate

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Excellent work!!

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>>> Rachel Ash <rfash at milibraries.org> 12/15/2016 9:39 AM >>>
News from the Michigan Library Association:
Thank you MLA members and library supporters! And thank you to the Michigan legislature for their outstanding support of our libraries.
Your engagement with our Representatives helped pass six of the seven library tax capture relief bills; SB 619 - 624 all passed late last night and early this morning. SB 579 impacting Brownfields did not pass. The House added a technical amendment to the remaining bills so now they go back to the Senate for concurrence. We expect to see that happen this morning. We'll send complete information as soon as the Senate concurs.
Watch for an update shortly.
Great work library community!
Gail Madziar
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