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Joann Crater justjoann_hudsonlibrary at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 1 15:57:08 EDT 2015

 Hi.Here we go again.  Is there anything that requires a district library's fiscal year to be a certain time? Like townships are April 1 - March 31, cities are July 1 - June 30..... I understand that we would have to change our library agreement with the state librarian but wouldn't it make sense if your millage comes in starting Dec. 1st, your board member terms are up Dec. 1st, to make your fiscal year to be either Dec - Nov or Jan - Dec?  If anyone knows the good, the bad, the ugly on this, please reply!!!(ah, Dec.1st also starts the 25 days of Christmas on ABC family....just thought I would throw that out there!!)
Thanks for all your amazing help in all my many gray areas!!!!Joann @ Hudson
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