[Michlib-l] big box stores gaming the tax system

Ellen Moore emoore at uproc.lib.mi.us
Wed Jul 1 11:38:33 EDT 2015

I'm not sure that this is an issue we can solve as consumers.  Corporate
entities are only behaving like corporate entities when they seek out
lower taxes.

Tax tribunals, on the other hand, should be considering how lost revenues
will effect the good of the state when they allow corporations huge
property tax breaks as if they were closed and pay back tax money to them
that has already been spent.  The state should be considering the good of
populace, and they aren't doing that when they decide not to collect taxes
from profitable businesses.

So I think it is up to us as citizens, not us as consumers, to try to find
the answer to this problem.  We need to voice our concern to the
politicians that appoint the tribunals and the politicians who create the
laws that regulate corporations.

And in order to get their attention, we need to broadcast our outrage so
that everyone understands what is going on here.

Ellen Moore
Peter White Public Library

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