[Michlib-l] ILS Reviews and Migrations from Sierra

Stanczak, Cindy cstanczak at albionlibrary.org
Tue Feb 24 13:03:44 EST 2015

Hello all!

Two connected questions that I'd love to get feedback on.  Comments on
either or both greatly appreciated.

If anyone asks, I'd be happy to repost to the list with my responses
(stripped of info, upon request).

   1. Are there any libraries out there that have migrated *FROM*
   Innovative's Sierra?  Which new ILS did you choose and why?  How did your
   migration go?
   2. Any libraries out there using Verso, Apollo, or LibrarySolution?  How
   well does it work for you?  Also, MeLCat integration....How functional is
   it, really?

Thank you, all!  I appreciate this group *so* much.  It's one thing to get
promises from the vendor, and another to hear it from another library.  And
I'm about done with promises from vendors that don't materialize, you know?

Cynthia Stanczak
Interim Director
Head of Adult Services
Albion District Library
501 S. Superior St.
Albion, MI  49224
(517) 629-3993
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