[Michlib-l] Library Security Questions

Sherri West sherri.west at westlandlibrary.org
Thu Feb 12 09:11:36 EST 2015

If any of the libraries viewing this email has any sort of security measures in place I could use some suggestions and or solutions. Does any of the local libraries have a security guard? If so are they during full operation hours? Nights and weekends? Is anyone willing to share pros and cons concerning a guard? We have an updated security camera system, however there is a growing concern that maybe an authoritative presence would be more effective. I would entertain any information or conversation about this concern. Maybe your library is also experiencing an escalated amount of disruptive activity. Are you considering hiring a security guard? If anyone has any recommendations for a security company that could also be of great help.

Thank You,

Sherri L. West
Administrative Assistant/Acq.
Westland Public Library
734-326-6123 ext.2827

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