[Michlib-l] New Michigan History Directory Features More Than 1, 000 Sites

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Just-Released "Michigan History Directory" Features More Than 1,000 Sites


LANSING-The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM) is excited to announce the
publication of its "Michigan History Directory, 14th Edition." A critical
tool for anyone undertaking research in the state's history, this
just-released edition includes detailed listings for more than 1,000
historical societies, museums, historic sites, archives, historical
collections, genealogical societies, agencies and commissions in Michigan.


Redesigned and expanded to 188 pages, the "Michigan History Directory, 14th
Edition" is the most comprehensive catalog of historical resources available
in Michigan and features several organizations that were not listed in the
past. Entries include contact and location details and information on
exhibits, collections, visitor accessibility and more. 


"For the first time ever, the directory includes QR codes and photographs of
member organizations," said HSM Executive Director Larry Wagenaar. "By
spotlighting unique Michigan locations where the story of history is told,
we hope to open our readers' eyes to the many historical resources that this
state has to offer."


Sponsored by the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation and the Huizenga Group, the
directory is available at many local bookstores and through the Society at
www.hsmichigan.org and (800) 692-1828. The directory, ISBN
978-1-880311-12-7, costs $19.95 for the general public; however, HSM members
can purchase a copy through the Society at a reduced price of $14.95.  


The Historical Society of Michigan is the state's oldest cultural
organization and was founded in 1828 by territorial governor Lewis Cass and
explorer Henry Schoolcraft. The Society helps connect Michigan's past to
students, educators, historical organizations and the public through
educational programs, conferences, publications, awards, workshops, referral
services, networking opportunities and support for local history



Historical Society of Michigan

5815 Executive Dr.

Lansing, MI 48911

Phone: (517) 324-1828

Fax: (517) 324-4370

Email: hsm at hsmichigan.org

Website: www.hsmichigan.org


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