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I second this, Jim and Brigette!!!!

Doreen Hannon

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On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 1:14 PM, Wendy Teagan <WTeagan at novilibrary.org>

> This is a wonderful achievement, Jim, and it just keeps getting better!
> We're so proud and grateful for all the efforts that you and Brigette
> continue to put forth for our benefit.
> We can't thank you enough-
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> Subject: [All-Circ] Friday is MAP Day: 253 (maybe more!) New and Cool MAP
> Destinations Coming on May 24, 2015
> All,
> Those of a certain age (like me) will recall a time when "Wednesday is
> (pasta by a certain manufacturer) day." Indeed a restaurant near where we
> live maintains that tradition with what it calls "Warehouse Wednesdays", on
> which their spaghetti which normally sells for $10.99, costs only $5.99. It
> is a great place to have dinner before walking to the nearby baseball
> stadium to watch the most famous team in minor league baseball history take
> the field. If they can have Wednesday as spaghetti day, I am ready to
> declare "Friday is MAP Day!" Who's with me here???
> But I digress. Today we are proud and pleased to announce that effective
> May 24, 2015 a total of 253 new venues (maybe more!) will be available in
> the MAP program. Assuming each and every one of our current 112 partner
> venues chooses to renew with MAP for next year (and why wouldn't they!?),
> that means 365 destinations! That's one destination for every day of the
> year! I sense a new marketing slogan here! Maybe we can pick up one
> additional destination so as to cover the coming leap year...
> What do I mean by "maybe more?" Well, I've yet to begin the drive to
> recruit additional venues for MAP for next year. So perhaps we can expand
> beyond 365, and the leap year 366, and to who knows where. Along those
> lines, if you have potential MAP partner venues in your library's service
> area, please reach out to them to explain the benefits the program can
> bring. Or provide me with their contact information, and I would be glad to
> do so.
> If you've looked at the http://michiganactivitypass.info site recently,
> and I know you all have, you will see that there are a total of 123 venues
> included. 112 of these are current partners, and 11 are the state historic
> sites that will be available on May 24. The "map within MAP" is nicely
> filling up with green balloons. While we are still a bit sparse in some
> parts of the state, ie the far western U.P., the I-75 corridor in the
> northern L.P. as well as the far southwestern corner of same, you will see
> those areas populated with green balloons, too once we begin the data entry
> process of the additional 253 venues. We are also looking at a revamp of
> the user software, so that beginning May 24 library patrons will be given a
> choice as to what type of venue they would like to search for, ie
> campground, art museum, performing arts venue, etc.
> Good stuff!
> Thank you for your promotion of and participation in, the Michigan
> Activity Pass program.
> Sincerely,
> Jim Flury
> Jim Flury
> Technical Services Manager
> The Library Network
> 41365 Vincenti Court
> Novi, MI 48375
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