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I feel your pain!! (And I also appreciate the reminder to clean / sanitize our toys... completely missed my radar!)
We have several Fisher Price toys - house / barn / garage - that are stored on top of the shelves in our kids' room. I tried to put them away, to clean up some of the clutter, but it only took one little girl coming in and asking for them before I had to put them out again!
Oh, well! 😉

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> Hi-
> I know this has been spoken of before, but, I am beginning to feel  
> really guilty having toys out for children to play with in our  
> department.  I spray them with Lysol constantly and wash them in  
> diluted bleach as much as possible, which is not that often, I admit.   
> Is there anything else anyone is doing?  The kids love them and I  
> don't want to take them away.  I feel there must be a better solution;  
> but, I am not finding it.  Thanks!!
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