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I sent this to Ann but since others have the same question I am posting the information to the list.


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I’ve heard of them and have not heard of complaints, but have not done business with them. http://www.ocisales.com/

Here is an archived email from the State Librarian in Ohio from 2013 about the company.  http://lists.oplin.org/pipermail/oplinlist/2013-August/013201.html

Here is some other information from a Genealogy listserv about OCI. http://mailman.acomp.usf.edu/pipermail/genealib/2013-July/021257.html

You can find a number of libraries that have used them by doing an internet search. That should allow you to make some direct contacts if you wish to find out more about others experience.


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I received a phone call and a follow-up email from a man at OCI.  He says that they digitize high school yearbooks for free.

Has anyone heard about this project?    Have any of you had actual experience with this company?   Here are a couple of paragraphs from the email:

I am contacting you about a program that we began here in Oklahoma several
years ago that has been a huge benefit for libraries and high schools across
our state.  We are now offering this FREE service to libraries, high schools
and historical societies in other states that might want to participate in
this program.  I am hopeful that we might be of service to your community.
We have had good reviews from libraries and schools in your state that have
already participated in this program.

OCI is a state agency located in Lexington, Oklahoma.  Our Records
Conversion department has been in operation for over thirty years and
consists of three areas; Data Entry, Digital Imaging and Image Review &
Verification.  We do records conversion for every state agency in Oklahoma.
These include; the Department of Education, Department of Human Services,
Department of Labor, the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and the Attorney General's
Office, just to name a few.  OCI is a rehabilitation and jobs training
program that is affiliated with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections
providing employment opportunities for low-risk offenders in a variety of
different job skills in the computer operations field.

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