[Michlib-l] DPL as MI oldest library & Data Digest

Assaf, Terri (MDE) assaft at michigan.gov
Mon Apr 27 08:58:08 EDT 2015

I accept responsibility for the factoid included in the Michigan Public Libraries Data Digest regarding DPL as Michigan's oldest library.  It first appeared in the 2006 edition.  When compiling public library data, I performed extensive analysis prior to US Census Bureau reporting, and publication of data files and the Data Digest.  I also fact checked statements included in the DD.  As I no longer possess the notes and files pertaining to the 2006 DD, I cannot with complete certainty cite the source of the factoid currently in dispute.  If inaccurate, I apologize to one and all, and am not too proud to admit mistakes.  During my tenure as the Library Data Coordinator for the State of Michigan, I took my responsibility seriously.  I sincerely hope my overall efforts in every capacity at the Library of Michigan were beneficial to Michigan libraries and all stakeholders.
Respectfully submitted,

Terri D. Assaf, MLS
Department Analyst
Michigan Department of Education

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