[Michlib-l] trouble patrons?

Ms. TJ Smith shermandirector at winntel.net
Fri Apr 17 12:56:37 EDT 2015

Hello everyone, 

We've got some amazing programs running at our library, but we've run into some problems recently. Our patron, K, has been an important participant in many of our programs, and was one of few patrons that have been with us from the start of many of them. K's personality can be loud, and at times aggressive and/or confrontational. K is always wanting to play the 'devil's advocate' in discussions, and can come off as disrespectful to the feelings/ideas of others. It can turn many discussions into fights. 

We've attempted to increase the number of staff at programs so that we can redirect discussions and keep the programs on topic, but it feels useless. We are losing many prospective members that join us for an event, but then do not return, largely due to being made to feel uncomfortable. We are also uncomfortable inviting speakers to come to the library because of this particular issue. 

So I am tapping the collective awesome that is michlib-l to see what suggestions you all can share with us. 

Many thanks!

Ms. TJ Smith

Library Director

Sherman Township Library

shermandirector at winntel.net

(989) 644-5131

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