[Michlib-l] Baldwin's building bond proposal fails

Doug Koschik doug.koschik at baldwinlib.org
Wed May 7 12:22:07 EDT 2014

On May 6, the Baldwin Public Library's building bond proposal went down by
a decisive margin--76% to 24% (3,775 to 1,167).  29% of the voters went to
the polls, which is high for a special election.

This does not affect Baldwin's operating millage, so the Library will
continue to operate without any changes in hours or services.

This was a curious election.  There was a strong organized local
opposition, but then the measure leaped onto the regional and national
stage.  The Detroit News urged Birmingham to turn down the measure, and
there were "vote no" mailings from a group called The Free Congress Action,
located in Virginia, as well as robocalls out of Idaho.  Even NPR did a
segment on the vote.

I believe we had a strong building plan developed by Quinn Evans
Associates, but the voters ultimately decided that the investment was not
worth the cost.

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