[Michlib-l] Lisa Sutton's email about Quilt Show Based on Children's Books

Betsy MORGAN bmorgan at glenoaks.edu
Thu Jul 17 08:37:28 EDT 2014

I don't have a definitive answer about this, but what a great idea.
I do know that several years ago in December I was at the Botanical Gardens
in Cleveland and each of the area Garden Clubs had decorated a Christmas
tree based on a children's book.  You might call them and see if they dealt
with any copyright issues.
Also, one can always ask the publisher/author/illustrator for permission to
do this.  They have sole right to copy, but they can give permission.  They
might consider it free advertising.  Will you be selling books at the quilt

Of course, if you only used books in the public domain, you'd be fine.  I
once worked with a woman who had taken a coloring book of Peter Rabbit and
had traced the pictures onto material and was embroidering each of the
pictures on our breaks/lunch, preparatory to turning it into a quilt.  I
believe Peter Rabbit would be legal.

And if you really do this, please let me know.  I'll come.

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