[Michlib-l] Pros and cons of accepting credit cards by a public library

Sylvia Merz lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org
Tue Jul 8 15:05:19 EDT 2014

Would appreciate feedback from all of you on both the pros and cons of
accepting credit cards at the library.  

We are trying to make our case to the Township Board to allow us to do this.
. . so any info you can share would be MOST appreciated.

Thank you thank you.


Sylvia Merz, Director 

Leland Township Library     

203 E. Cedar St., P.O. Box 736     

Leland, MI 49654-0736

PH: 231-256-9152     FAX: 231-256-8847

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday - 10 to 5     Wednesday-10 to 6
Saturday-10 to 2


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