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We are up and running with the Bath Township Library Center ( http://www.bathtownship.us/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=506&Itemid=286 ) which is not legally established yet, but  as a Township Department  is operating like a public library thanks largely to many donations.   We have received shelving and furnishing donations (from other libraries),  materials donations (from both other libraries and from individuals), and financial donations from individuals.   We would like to recognize people and institutions who have made significant contributions on a donor tree or wall.   We have considered financial brackets ($500-$1,000, etc. ) but it is a bit difficult to fit used books into financial categories.

If your library--esp. Class III or IV libraries-- has a donor recognition system, please share with us how you determine whose name gets recognized.      

If you have a response you think would help others, respond to the list.   Otherwise, please email me at lkneely10 at frontier.com 


Linda K. Neely
Bath Township Library Committee
Bath Township Library Center Volunteer (and loving it!!)
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