[Michlib-l] Update on AWE Discount Pricing Opportunity

Angie Michelini amichelini at tln.lib.mi.us
Tue Oct 15 14:40:44 EDT 2013

Here's the latest news from Jeremy Link at AWE: 
We’ve reached a count of 26 AWE computers & tablets from Michigan libraries for the Group Purchase. This puts us into the next discount level (25-49 units) and a price of $2,835. 

I’ll begin sending order forms to the libraries that verbally committed at the $2,835 price. I’ll ask that the libraries sign the form confirming the order and either fax or scan/email the form back to me. 

If we reach the last discount level at 50+ units then we will adjust all signed orders down to the final price of $2678 before sending the invoice. 
Some libraries have asked if they could commit now and pay later.  The discount opportunity is available through November 15, 2013.  If your library commits by November 15, AWE is willing to extend payment terms for 60 days so the payment due date would be January 15.  

Note from Angie: 

We are working with AWE to determine the next discount window so libraries that are unable to pay by January 15 for this opportunity will be able to budget for the 2014 opportunity.  We will let you know once the 2014 discount window has been determined. 

Thank you,  
Angie Michelini 
Technology Services Manager 
The Library Network 
41365 Vincenti Court, Novi, MI  48375 
Office:  248.536.3100 x144, primary contact number 
Cell:  734.673.7303, urgent requests only 

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