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Googling alone can be a mixed bag so I agree with backing that up with a more extensive search.  

Being that these both crossed my desk on the same day I will share this article from Atlantic Cities with regard to websites that skim mugshots (taken before a person is proven guilty) as public information and then extorting the victim into paying to have them removed from the site.  Major credit card companies and PayPal have stopped service to a number of these sites yet mugshots remain public information and these websites remain out there. 

Atlantic Cities, October 8, 2013,  "Mugshots Shouldn't Be in the Public Record. Here's Why."  http://www.theatlanticcities.com/technology/2013/10/case-making-mugshots-private/7159/

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Julie, One easy way to start this process is to do a Google search of the person's name. If anything turns up, you could then take it a step further and possibly pay a firm for a more extensive search.

This method is far from foolproof, but it is better than nothing.

Yes, it would be best to do this for volunteers as well as job applicants.

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Sorry if this has been addressed before… how do you do background checks on employees and volunteers?  Do you use a service, or do you do an in-house method?   Also, do you do them for your volunteers?


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