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Blog Aggregator question with answers
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When Google Reader died I shed a tear or two.  I never found another
blog aggregator I really liked.   Google Reader was so simple to set up
and then let run - I just read the items I liked and skipped the rest. 
Now I find I'm missing out on things I used to keep up with easily and
want to start following several blogs again.  So, for those of you who
read many blogs, what are you using?  Any & all suggestions are
welcomed. - Dave

I've been really happy with Feedly (http://feedly.com).  I use it
mainly on my phone and iPad.  - Matt Church, Director at Berkley Public

I too was an avid Google Reader fan. I have been using Feedly. I use it
on my phone and iPad, as well as my browser on my desktop at work.  They
have made improvements to make it more like Google Reader. - Erin

I switched to Feedly. It is easy to use and I like it. - Judy Hauser 

My favorite is Feedly. I used to use Google Reader as well and it was
an easy transition when I had to move the feeds over.  - Kathryn
Ribant-Payne, Programming Specialist at Sterling Heights Public Library

I have substituted theoldreader.com . I don't like the name and it
lacks the feature that allows you to just e-mail things, but oh well....
  - Gail Powers-Schaub, Library Director at Baker College 

Great question!  I'm curious to hear any suggestions.  I started a
Feedly account when this unfortunate incident happened.  Feedly is
adequate, but not great.  I've run into a few glitches when trying to
subscribe to some of the same sites I subscribed to with Google.  In
addition, there's some inconsistencies with displaying some images.   -
Kimberly Schaaf, Librarian at Springfield Twp. Library 

Yes, I still miss Google Reader, but I had over 250 journals I was
keeping up with, so just switched to feedly.com as suggested by Google.
I still don't like it as much as reader, but they have fixed some of the
more annoying glitches that they had when first started.  - Molly

Use feedly! I really enjoy it; it just takes a little bit to get use
to. -  Vicki Kouchnerkavich, Youth Services Supervisor at Henika
District Library (AW)

I just started using Blog Lovin', but haven't used it enough yet to
decide if I like it or not. – Syntha Green

I have seen positive reviews of The Old Reader
( http://theoldreader.com/%20%20%20) . Some other similar tools are
Pulse, AOL Reader, Digg Reader, and Flipboard.  Hope that is helpful! -
Ashley Rosener, Grand Valley State University

I tried a bunch and then stuck with Feedly. I don’t like it as much as
Google Reader, but what can ya do?  I find Twitter is increasingly my
go-to site for tracking most social media and blogging activity. Most
blogs tweet new posts, and those that don’t should. - Kevin Driedger,
Librarian for Conservation and Digitization at Library of Michigan
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