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Jessica Little cutlerlibrary at live.com
Fri Nov 15 13:19:23 EST 2013


I'm looking for information about millage campaigns. If your library 
placed a *new* or *additional* millage proposal (not a renewal) on the 
ballot within the last five years, could you please answer a few quick 
questions for me:

     Did you set up a formal millage campaign committee to raise and 
expend funds to influence voters or did you work within the limitations 
of the Campaign Finance Act (i.e. distributed factual information 
concerning issues relevant to the function of the library without 
advocating a course of action) and not form a committee?

     Did the millage pass and would you approach a future campaign the 
same way?

     If you formed a committee, approximately how much did they spend 
(an estimate is fine) on their campaign and how wide of an area did the 
millage proposal cover (a county, a township, a city, etc.)?

Thank you very much for your time! Please reply off list.

Jessica Little

Library Director
T.A. Cutler Memorial Library
312 Michigan Ave.
St. Louis, MI  48880
(989) 681-5141

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