[Michlib-l] MeL Database Name Adjustment: SIRS

BiggThomas, Deb (MDE) BiggsThomasD at michigan.gov
Thu Nov 14 09:52:14 EST 2013

You and your patrons may notice that the word “deluxe” has been dropped from the MeL database named SIRS Discoverer.  Recently it was brought to our attention that while SIRS Discoverer could be marketed as “Deluxe”, it is not a different product.  Since the site itself makes no mention of the “Deluxe” label, we will drop that from the name we use on MeL. This is a cosmetic change only.  All content remains the same. 

Thank you,

Deb Biggs Thomas
Michigan eLibrary & Outreach Coordinator
Library of Michigan
biggsthomasd at michigan.gov
http://mel.org    http://facebook.com/mel.org

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