[Michlib-l] Cromaine's November 2nd Author Fair

Ceci Marlow cmarlow at cromaine.org
Mon Nov 4 16:41:52 EST 2013

Cromaine is very grateful to the Michigan Center for the Book which 
provided (via the Library of Michigan Foundation) a grant for this event.

Our door count for the drop-in 10am to 3 pm event was 300. We were 
surprised to see 35 folks pretty much glued to their seats for the day!

One attendee commented, "motivated me to keep on with my book." Another 
said, "Lots of great info! Information I wish I had before I published." 
And, "Meeting local publishers; being with writers; sharing 

As an affiliate of the Michigan Center for the Book, this event (and 
others like it that MCFB has supported in the past) make our membership 
a cost-benefit positive by far.

On top of it, the MCFB meetings are themselves an incredible platform 
for finding out what works and what doesn't in event planning, who to 
contact (and possibly, who to avoid). As well as programming on a 
shoestring, building community partnerships, and sharing resources for 
member libraries.

Yep, this is an out-and-out plug to get your library to become a 
Michigan Center for the Book affiliate!


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