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Please take a look at the calendar at the link below. It will allow you to input funds received in one year and funds received in another and show how much lower your funding is with inflation taken into account. You can accurately show just how much more of a cut a straight percentage decline actually is. Very nice work from the State Library of North Carolina.

Karren Reish
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Subject: Library inflation calculator

Hey team,

Yesterday built this online calculator for our libraries in case they need help adjusting for inflation and per capita inflation-adjusted dollars. http://plstats.nclive.org/stateaid_inflation_calculator.php. It lets them choose a historic year and input a historic $ value (could be state aid, local revenue, any money related to running a library) and then input current day $  to compare. Optionally they can input legal service population area for the historic and current time  periods. Then it gives them the percentage change their $ has seen during the given time period in inflation-adjusted dollars, as well as per capita inflation-adjusted dollars.

Let me know if you see any errors or think it's too confusing and needs to be further clarified in some way. Hopefully I did all the math right!

This could actually be used by any library in the country because the inflation index for libraries is not specific to NC, it's a national index.

Happy Halloween!

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