[Michlib-l] Healthcare Marketplace Information

White, Shannon (MDE) WhiteS29 at michigan.gov
Wed Jul 31 10:22:21 EDT 2013

Here are some more resources in addition to those Diane pointed out in her email.

For libraries that are interested in finding out more regarding options and requirements related to the Affordable Care Act you may want to take a look at some of the webinars available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This is a good starting place for some basics on the ACA as well as some more detailed information.  The more basic information may be the most helpful for those providing reference assistance to patrons. The more detailed information may be helpful for libraries working to understand the ACA as it applies to them as an organization and their staff.


Also, the webinar from WebJunction this past Friday has a good overview on the ACA during the first half.

Much of this information is helpful for library staff interested in learning more about ACA so they can in turn point patrons to reliable information.


WebJunction recently hosted a webinar on Libraries & Health Insurance: Preparing for Oct 1.

You can now view the archived slides, chat, and related links for the session on WebJunction at:


Please also be sure to visit the resources mentioned in our FAQ<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3587153&l=337856&ctl=4803473:37D71AC352E2C0781ABD242FB3F7910A16A997CA31C87F28&> for further information.


We are not recommending that library staff assist patrons in making their personal choices but help supply them with the resources related to the ACA they may need to understand in order for them to make their own decisions.

I hope some of the information above may be of assistance to libraries as they learn more about choices for their own organization and staff.

We will also berating additional resources for the public and for libraries in the next week.


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