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You asked for my replies, so here they are without all of the gibberish...

Not sure what things you want to have patrons pay for at the desk but LLC
already accepts credit/debit cards.  When we need to do a transaction at
the desk we just ask the person’s permission (verbally) to access their “My
account” and run the transaction.  If they want to pay for something not
already in Sierra, we add it to their fines before processing.

If you don’t get a better answer from others, will be glad to talk to you
about the process we use.  Ou get a check from Lakeland every two months
for the money collected.

Up until about a year ago we were strictly cash/check as well. We decided
to go with Square <https://squareup.com/> as the price was the most
competitive for our transaction volume. They only charge 2.75% per swipe
compared to the 4%-6% we were quoted by other vendors. The Square reader is
free when you sign up and we purchased an iPad Mini, for it to plug in to.
The patrons have been really excited about the new technology and we have
been able to capture monies we have lost out on in the past. We have
recently purchased a stylus for patrons to sign with as some had trouble
using their fingers.
Good luck in your quest and I hope this helps!

 We accept credit cards at Otsego District Library…

We use a great program called Square. It works on our iPad. We have an iPad
that is dedicated for this use at the checkout desk.

There are no fees except that they take a small percentage (2.75%) from
each transaction.


The money gets deposited directly into our bank account.

We have been using Point and Pay for credit and debit card services.  They
work with public library and government organizations mainly.  Their
service doesn’t charge us a fee, but attaches a convenience fee of 3% to
the user.  It hasn’t been a problem for most of our patron who want to use
the service.  They do appreciate the convenience.


 Try the Square.

Hello, You probably already have gotten the response you need for this
question but my boss asked me to respond so here you go.
One of the services provided through Lakeland is the ability for patrons to
pay their fines online using credit or debit cards. This is done from their
account in the Lakenet Card Catalog. Here in Lakeview (ML) we also will put
fines on a patron card for faxing, copies, movie rentals if the only way
have to pay is with credit or debit and then we show them how to pay it from
our card catalog stations. This does require that they have a library cardand
we tell them they have to pay it there in the library if we are putting
charges on their account.

Lakeland will then send a report and check quarterly for all money paid
minus the administration-charge fee and you then divide the money into the
appropriate categories for your budget. If you need more information on how
use this I will help if I can but contacting someone at the LLC Headquarters
might help more.
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