[Michlib-l] Job Posting/Archival Consultant/Oakland County Historical Resources Consortium

Mancini, Laura mancinil at oakgov.com
Wed Jul 24 17:30:30 EDT 2013

The Oakland County Historical Resources Consortium is seeking an archival
consultant or archival student to conduct Phase 2 of a comprehensive
assessment and to implement the digitization priority action plan of the
Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society's Research Library Collection.
The consultant will be expected to work collaboratively with both Consortium
and Society Staff.  The final written status report regarding work completed
will be submitted to the Consortium's Board of Directors and to the Pioneer
Society in both paper and electronic formats.


The goals of this project are to:


*	Preserve the collection's most valuable items
*	Make the collection more accessible to the public through the
Oakland County Historical Resources Consortium's website and database




*	Implement three of the prioritized "Top Preservation Action Items
Recommended to OCHR" items 1-8, as time allows, of the Oakland County
Pioneer and Historical Society's Research Library
*	Upload photos that have already been digitized
*	Upload obituaries that have already been scanned
*	Upload maps (as project time allows)




*	Masters degree or enrollment in an ALA accredited library science
program with an archival administration component 
*	Demonstrated knowledge of archival procedures in records appraisal
and preservation
*	Familiarity with digitization process
*	Familiarity with uploading to website process
*	Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills


Stipend Available:      $1,000 Contract 


Length of Project:      Midpoint Progress and Status Report due on December
15, 2013

                                    Final Progress and Status Report due on
February 15, 2014  


To Apply:        Send resume and cover letter to Laura Mancini, Director-
Library Services, Oakland County Library at mancinil at oakgov.com


Application Deadline:            September 15, 2013


Interviews to be scheduled:   Week of October 15, 2013


Start Date:                               November 1, 2013



Laura Mancini

Director-Library Services

Oakland County Library

1200 N. Telegraph

Pontiac, MI 48341


mancinil at oakgov.com

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