[Michlib-l] Question for Township Libraries, NOT PA 164 established

Sylvia Merz lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org
Tue Jul 23 16:14:16 EDT 2013

The trials continue for us. . .

If you are a Township Library, determined to be formed under now repealed PA
269, my question is:  


Are you 100% funded by your Township?

Can you/do you carry a separate-from-the-Township fund balance?

If you do, how is it set up, e.g. restricted for specific uses or not?

At the end of your budget year, if you have a balance in your operating
budget, does it go into the Library's fund balance or into your Township's
general fund?



Please email me off-list with HELP!



Sylvia Merz

lelandlibrary at lelandtownshiplibrary.org 


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