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Colleen Leddy ctbleddy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 03:07:35 EDT 2013

Several issues arose recently that led our mayor to examine our city
ordinance governing the library and then PA 164. He found several
discrepancies and those are about to be addressed so that our library will
be in compliance with PA 164.

I understand that PA 164 requires "...all moneys received for such library
shall be deposited in the treasury of said city to the credit of the
library fund..." and "drawn upon...upon the properly authenticated vouchers
of the library board."

Currently, the city allocates funds from the general fund to cover the
library's wage-related and utility expenses. They write our paychecks and
pay the utility bills directly. The library has its own checking account,
and penal fines, state aid, grants, donations, memorial gifts, "desk
receipts" for copies and faxes and such, are deposited into the checking
account. Most regular operating expenses (books, magazines, supplies, etc.)
are paid from that. I write (using QuickBooks) and sign those checks which
are also signed by the treasurer or another board member.

I'm wondering if there are any other PA 164 libraries that operate like we
currently do with a separate checking account, and if there is any
justification under PA 164 for doing so.

More questions:
For those of you who use vouchers, would you mind sending a sample?

How do you keep track of your spending? I find it so handy to run quick
reports in QuickBooks so I know if I'm within budget and it's so easy to
search for other information about past vendors and such. How do you
quickly access that sort of information?

Does your board have a treasurer?

If so, what does the treasurer do?

Who balances your checkbook?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Colleen Leddy, Director
Stair Public Library
228 W. Main St.
Morenci, MI 49256
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