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These are all related to local tax abatements. The abatement process is a two step process with the local community first establishing a district which defines the boundaries for eligible properties and then approving the abatement for any properties within the district. Technically, the state has final say on the abatements but my understanding is that they generally approve those based on the local approval. Once approved, an abatement will waive 50% of the local taxes against a property for a term of up to 12 years. For a district library, it means that any properties granted an abatement will pay only 50% of the real and/or personal property taxes that they would otherwise pay to the library during the term of the abatement. The local government should be able to provide a financial analysis of the impact of granting the abatement.

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Hi everyone,

One of my townships has sent me two notices about hearings for the establishment of a Plant Rehabilitation District, an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption, and a Commercial Rehabilitation District.  Has anybody had any experience dealing with these? My preliminary research indicates that they are Tax Abatement rather than Tax Capture vehicles, but I'd be interested in hearing from somebody if they know more.

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