[Michlib-l] MCLS closed until Friday

Susan Alt AltS at mcls.org
Thu Dec 26 13:53:36 EST 2013

Hello all,

Apologies for being out of touch for so long!  The MCLS office was without 

power and network connectivity due to the massive ice storm that hit 
Lansing last Sunday. 

Connectivity has just been restored allowing me to send this out to 

Since we had no idea when connectivity would be back, we closed the MCLS 
office earlier this morning.  We will remain closed until Friday morning. 
At that time, we'll start to go through emails and support requests that 
have piled up while we were offline. 

We appreciate your patience!


Debbi Schaubman
Manager, Shared Library Systems
schaubmd at mcls.org

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
Lansing, MI  48910
Voice: 800-530-9019 x113
Fax: 517-492-3889

Sue Alt
RIDES Coordinator
MeLCat Support Specialist
Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
800-530-9019 ext 143
alts at mcls.org 
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