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Below are a few updates from WebJunction’s Health Happens in Libraries resource.

·         HealthCare.gov has a concise One-Page Guide to the Health Insurance Marketplace<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE80F:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&>. This includes basic information about key aspects of the Marketplace, including how to identify the Health Insurance Marketplace serving your state and details on upcoming enrollment timelines. (Note that Monday, December 23 is an upcoming deadline for those seeking coverage to start on January 1.)

·         State Refor(u)m<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE810:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&> is an online resource from the National Academy for State Health Policy and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that has state-specific discussions and information related to the current ACA open enrollment period. You can go directly to the information on Michigan as well https://www.statereforum.org/states/mi

·         Registration is now open for the free January 22 webinar from Health Happens in Libraries on Health Information Resources for Library Staff. For details and to register, please visit the webinar page<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE813:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&>.

·         The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Champions for Coverage list<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE815:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&> keeps growing, and includes a number of library organizations from across the country! Learn more about Champion for Coverage opportunities here<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE816:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&>. Champions for Coverage are listed by state. You may want to search the list for possible partners here in Michigan.

·         WebJunction recently featured a profile<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE818:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&> on Lake County Public Library in Merrillville, IN, and their strategic approach to connecting patrons with technology and ACA resources. To learn more about how other libraries are responding to ACA information needs, visit our Health Happens in Libraries resources<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE81C:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&> section, or check out the library stories<http://wc4.net/t?r=850&c=3701734&l=337856&ctl=49EE81F:37D71AC352E2C07879697FB0AA9EAB307A3B140EBD43723D&> on the WJ site.

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