[Michlib-l] MICHICARD - replacement?

Donna Alward dalward at hlpl.lib.mi.us
Tue Aug 20 17:17:54 EDT 2013

Houghton Lake Public Library began participating in MeLCat in 2006.  As many MeLCat libraries would attest, it was work but work that we needed to do!  And yes, there were costs because equipment needed to be upgraded and catalog software had to be purchased.  We had to write grants and, in the end, still had to reduce our wish list of "modules" - library service had changed.  MeLCat was the way to dramatically improve our library service! 

Houghton Lake also chose to participate in  "Visiting Patron" and believe it is an efficient and beneficial customer service.

We withdrew from Michicard 3 1/2 years ago because the benefits of that system had dwindled.  MeLCat makes more sense - responsibility for lost or non-returned items is assigned.  Michicard does not reimburse.  Plus, the "Visiting Patron" option checks the standing of a patron immediately when they offer their card!
Instead of the cooperatives working to revive and provide Michicard, would their energies be better spent in resolving the issues for those who have expressed their wish to continue Michicard?  Even if the coops could  deliver a "Michicard" type program that has been described as "no cost" to libraries, there is always a cost.  If we are spending money, let's spend it wisely to improve and expand MeLCat.  Let's get as many Michigan libraries in and using the "Visiting Patron" option as we possibly can and make that the new, improved MICHICARD!

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